The trip is coming to an end. The tenth day in KaoHsiung is the day before my flight back home. The day did start off on a good note with a beautiful weather.

It was a lovely hostel that we stayed at last night, with cute accents in its decor, by a shallow creek that's overgrown with greens. 

It is mid February. Everywhere is blossoming. It is amazing to witness Spring happening right before my eyes and be so close to such stunning exotic flowers. Thankfully I am not allergy to pollen!

Further out the hostel, some fruit trees are being cared by the owner. Mostly mangos, too bad it was not in season and was too early to pick for tasting.

Today's task was weeding the field. It was not as interesting as the earlier days, hence no photo to show. However it was short and we got a lot more time to hang around with the owner, learning their story and their unique techniques in farming, such as fertilizing with oyster shells. It was said to grow better and prettier produce, with an added calcium content to the nutrient value.

A rare sight for the papayas we've countered all trip long. These papaya trees are grown outside of the netted house, not cut down to a person's height, it is purely grown in the most natural state in the wild as it can be, the result speaks for itself in the photos, however they were not tree-riped  yet for tasting, hence I could not tell which method was better out of the two.

We adore the pets and free run animals at the farm. Animals are friends, not foooood!

The work was done and we are headed to the famous Kaohsiung "Love River" for a relaxing cruise ride that cuts through the centre of the metro city. So glad it was a lovely day that we get to enjoy Kaohsiung at it's best.

At last, we have finally had the chance to dine properly... in the locally well known night market. In my own opinion, if you have never been to a night market in Taiwan, you have never experienced TRUE night market!!!

The last surprise of a long, long day. I present to you, the voted most beautiful skytrain station of the island country Formosa!!