Kaohsiung Visit Day 11 Finale

All good things comes to an end, today is the last day of our 11 long days of backpacking travel across the different farms in Kaohsiung. We were promised an extended tour of the district, and oppose to yesterday, we will be well fed!

Breakfast started off with plain congee and numerous traditional, local unique veggies with marinated spicy daikons. 

After 11 long days, we are practically brother and sisters of another mother.

Started off by walking along a giant stretch of river bank. It was a beautiful day out and we loved it.

The river was shallow...

We spotted an eagle, which was a rare sight! I think it was picking fishes at the surface of the shallow river.

Impressive bridge it was. 

Across the bridge we arrived at a park on top of the mountain.

There's this grand temple for the great Confucius. 

Some hands on with Asian Calligraphy!

Interesting local snack we had. Fish cake soup, stir fried rice noodles, meatball in sweet and sour sauce, and finally, pork blood soup!

Then it was off to the beach, with even more food!

We even took a boat ride to the other side of the bay, to do what you wonder? TO GET MORE FOOD!!!

Deep fried stink tofu topped with Taiwanese style cabbage kimchi is to die for. And a monster bowl of freshly cut fruits on shaved ice was one of the inspirations that lead us to import fruits.

Adored watching the sunset on the boat.

A total different view from the beach.

It soon got dark and it was time to go...

Saying our good byes at the airport...

Some shots at the last look in Taiwan at the airport past security.

Taiwan, thank you. We will sure miss you.