KAOHSIUNG VISIT DAY 9 Part 2 (Drying Fruits)

In the afternoon of day 9 after that gigantic lunch, we moved to another facility where fresh produce by products are made. A couple days earlier we seen how a fresh jujube is made into dates, today we are getting hands on with drying red heart guavas and bananas!

We start off with the guavas. These are the red heart guavas.

The guavas goes in a machine that rolls the round fruit while washing them with clean water.

The machine is designed that a whole bucket of guavas can be dumped in the machine and it'd evenly distribute the guavas on the rollers, this way the guavas does not bump against each other causing damage, and thoroughly washed rather quickly.

Using a really sharp knife, the cleaned guavas are to be removed of its stem. Cut in quarters. 

The quarters are sliced into thick slices about a cm wide. These will be collected and will go into the machine for the drying process.

Next up was the bananas. These simply gets peeled and goes on the rack for drying.

The dryer and the racks looks like this. It takes about 3 days for today's batch to be completed.

The final product.

Dried red heart guavas:

The dried bananas:

Dried pineapple and dried green mangoes

Dried full slice ripe mangoes

Taking a break touring around the beautiful farm.

Deep within the mountain trail, we came across a historic mansion. It was locked and looked full of story. Too bad there was no one there to tell.

A little detour on our way back to diiner.

The name of the street spells "Forever Peace" in Mandarin

Found this cute ugly little buddy waiting at our door :)

and finally, the meal to wrap up the long, long day. Thank you.