Kaohsiung Visit Day 8 (Jade Lady Tomato)

On the 8th day, I am prepared to work with an unique type of tomato, named the "Jade Lady" when translated literally from Mandarin to English. I have been told the Jade Lady tomato is so sweet that it'd pass as a fruit!

It goes without saying, a big breakfast is in order. Nabeyaki egg noodles in soup, pan fried gyoza, fried bread stick & eggs sandwich, and rice noodle soup with fish cake.

The Jade Lady tomato are carefully grown inside a netted house. The nets prevent the fruit from birds, insects, dusts, heat, and direct contact from the scorching sun light. The tomato stents are taller than an average adult man, it felt like we entered a forest of tomatoes.

My work for the morning was to pick the ripe tomatoes. It was also all you can eat, for quality checking purposes of course! The ripe tomatoes are easily picked; with a gentle twist of the wrist, the ripe tomato breaks off from the stem with ease.

Ruby-like tomato!

A basket full is a job well done. The picked tomato is best if the leaves are in tact!

This wraps up the morning in the netted forest of tomatoes.

As for lunch, I had to work extra for it today. I am to find pick this special edible wild herb that cannot be farmed.

What a nice day today.

The tomatoes I had picked were already transported to the other facility for quality checking and packaging. But there was a surprise!

A pet squirrel baby! This adorable thing was found fell from the tree and separated from its family. The farmer's daughter found it and they've adopted him. We've got lots of squirrels in Vancouver, never have I thought one could become a pet!

And lunch is served. Soup congee with boiled edible wild herbs and pork meat balls. It doesn't look like much but it is a tasty one of a kind and can only be found here. Farm life!