Moving to a new place, and nearing the end to an amazing trip. Today I have moved to an area very well known for the world famous Taiwan bananas!

Waiting for me was a well prepared breakfast. 

I went crazy over this jar of spice hot pepper oil!! the best I have ever had!!!

...and of course, them bananas to wrap up breakfast.

The first stop after breakfast was to visit the storage area of the bananas. 

The bananas are stored in baskets,

 and must be precisely storaged at 18.7 Celcius.

Walking through the banana field, the bananas are wrapped in blue plastic bags for protection.

A baby banana tree can be found beside the adult banana mother tree. The farmers will let it grow until it is strong enough to be moved to a new field with all the other baby trees!

There are pipes and valves laid across the field for watering. 

Right after the adult trees that are almost ready for harvest, we came across the teenage trees.

and to our surprise, we came across a mango tree that is almost ready to harvest and let ripe!

Bananas are a heavy duty work, just look at how big it is!

The next lesson is to learn how to trim down a bunch of bananas into handle-able sizes. The trick is to use a scythe and cut a small bunch from the mother bunch, and trim off as much of the stem to as close to the fruit as possible. Without damaging the bananas of course. If the scythe sliced any one of the bananas in any way, it's value goes down as the sliced banana would be a defect.

Very soon, the bananas are trimmed to sizes we normally see in grocery stores!

Taking a break, I have the chance to witness the breed of the smallest banana in the world!

And this is the flowers of the banana before they grow in to a bunch!

Another breed of bananas was at the farm. It is locally known as the "finger banana" because the fruit grows upwards, and the shape of the banana makes it looks like a hand/palm!

This wraps up the first half of the day, and we were given a tour to a near by famous temple. It is tribute to a god that poses as a homeless man and aids the people in the most needs where society often overlooks.

be hold.... this may be the biggest lunch so far!!!

to be continued :)