Second part of the day is to quality check and package the tomatoes I picked this morning! Here's the machine that runs down the utterly cute and delicious jade lady tomatoes!

The tomatoes are quality checked by eye. Any of the tomatoes with splits or any sort of imperfection are picked out.

The good tomatoes proceed to roll down the machine and into new buckets, it'll be collected and be packaged later.

The tomatoes falls down at a fairly fast pace. It is a challenge and definitely a skill that needs tons of practice and hand-eye training!

It was a great day out. The owner's dog was definitely enjoying the sun while I work and work for my food and stay for today!

It is always a surprise and cute to find a little twin tomato.

The afternoon snack as a local special. It is a deep fried oyster with vegetables and batter. A juicy seafood and farmy delight!

It has been a long, long day. As soon as the packaging was done it was quickly moved to dinner time. It was an elaborate dinner with farmers I've worked for in the past couple of days.