Kaohsiung Visit Day 7 (Emerald Jujubes, Pearl Guavas)

Dear fans, happy new year! If you had been following our weekly blog entries recapping my visit to Kaohsiung Taiwan, did you guess the mystery fruit at the end of last week's blog?

If you guessed Emerald Jujubes, you were right!

Taiwan news has been reporting the Emerald Jujubes price are skyrocketing due to their popularity and rareness.

On day 5 and 6 of my journey in Taiwan, I had worked with jujubes in both harvest and post harvest environments. Today I have the pleasure of learning how the jujubes were made into the much loved dates!

Upon entering the facility, I passed a wall of certificates which signifies the highest standards and pride of the bearers of Best of Kaohsiung.

This special tool was made to make cuts on the exterior of the jujube. The carefully calculated cuts will make sure the smokey flavors gets nicely absorbed at the right amount during the drying process, and shrink to the desired size.

One would simply push the cleaned jujube through the tool!

The dried jujubes (are now referred as Dates), are cooled on racks before packaging. 

Moving on to the rest of the day for more work, we are headed to the guava field to apply protective nets and plastic bags to the guava babies!

and finally, the day is done, and we walk into the sunset.