Kaohsiung Visit Day 4 (YuHerPao Lychee)

So. Day 4 of my trip in Kaohsiung Taiwan, is Valentines Day. I will be working with the world famous Taiwan bred YuHerPao lychee today. This fruit is known for being favored by the Emperor's concubine.

I first visited the temple at the foot of the lychee mountain.

Then I arrive at the restaurant/home of the lychee owner. They've done a wonderful job to create these garden scenes that I did not expect to see on top of the mountain!

Across from the valley, are the hills where lychee trees were planted. I am going to work over there all day long today. It was still early, it was cold and the trees and the grounds are damp. The farmers work in such conditions on a daily basis, gives me a new perspective and respect toward the dedication and hard work made toward these delicious exotic lychees.

This is Mr. Yang. the owner of the lychee hills. he will be teaching me how to do "flower thinning" to the growing lychees.

As we headed toward the other side of the hill, I came across what the owner called the "tree grapes". The grape-like fruit grows on the branch individually, instead of in a bunch like we usually see. this tree along cost $500,000 TWD!!! (approximately $17,000 CAD)

Mr. Yang is demonstrating the flower thinning process. we are doing the most economic and traditional way. basically we are combing and massaging the branches. trying to leave as little as 10 blossoms, and these 10 are going to get the most nutrients and grow into the most delicious lychees!

See below for Before vs After flower thinning

for the branches & flowers that are too high to reach, we utilize a bamboo broom to whack the trees

Don't think kids nowadays has ever sees wild butterflies this huge!

More good looking scenes from the working area.

Lunch is served. 

Since neither the lychee or the longans were in season, I had the rare chance to try out the specially dried lychee and longans from the last harvest!

 Dried YuHerPao Lychee

Dried YuHerPao Lychee

 Dried Longan

Dried Longan