Kaohsiung Visit Day 7 (Pearl Guavas)

Merry Christmas everyone. Did you know being a farmer is a life time commitment and there are no vacations? One off day and it could ruin the season, or even a year of hard work. It is truly a focused and amazing dedication.

 Here we bring you blog day 7 of my trip in Taiwan.

 Moving on to a new place and face new challenges, one must start the day with grand breakfast. I had the traditional omlette pan cake with fresh green onion, fresh baked bread with moist sweet taro puree, and finished with egg pastry in the shapes of cute little animals.

 Today’s work is on the pearl guava field. Guavas are rarely heard of on the west coast. It is sweet, crisp refreshing and rich in beneficial nutrients.

 My job today is to harvest the guavas that grew to the optimum sizes inside the protection of nets and plastic bags. The guavas at this time of the year (February) can grow to as big as a softball.

 The wife of the owner showed up a little later and brought us water and to show off her cute grandson. She was not dressed for warmth, Taiwan is nowhere near like our February in Vancouver, she was dressed to protect from the scorching sun.

 A toast to job well done.

Back to the packaging line, the second half of the day will be to learn how to QC and package them appropriately.

 The guavas are loaded on this machine. The fruit will be categorized by its weight.

 The filled boxes are hauled to the next working area, but before we go on, it’s lunch time!

 Back to work, the QC line must invest the guavas one by one to check for scratches, cut off the stem and leaves, apply the “Best of Kaohsiung” sticker on guavas upon passing QC, then placed in new bags marking “Best of Kaohsiung”, sealed and boxed.

 Moving on, we are given a tour of the facility.

 Can you guess what these are? Hint, these are not green apples. Stay tuned, we will be revealing the answer next week!