Kaohsiung Visit Day 6 (Emerald Jujubes Continued)

My day 6 in Kaohsiung started off with a big traditional breakfast. The feast consist of marinated fatty pork dices on top of a rice bowl, marinated boiled eggs with a soft yolk, and a real unique warm beef chunks in clear soup. The sides were freshly sliced ginger and soy sauce that freshens up the taste buds between each of the rich dishes


 It was the second straight day to be working at the jujubes netted house. Instead of the easy jujubes pickings I did yesterday, today we came ready for heavy labor!


 After the jujubes has been harvested, the excessive branches now have to be trimmed and cleared off the field. Everything but the main branches had to go.

 It was a whole new experience to learn what was needed done after the harvest. On the news and in the books, we are often exposed of only the preparation and the fruitful harvest, rarely do we get to see behind the scenes hardwork like today. It was beyond imagination of how much the workload puts ones body through. Not to mention, this had to be done every couple so months when the season comes to an end.





The sense of accomplishment was unreal.

The reward after a long exhausting morning, was the usual much appreciated and over the top satisfying meal!

The host was kind and surprised me with a tour to a nearby famous mountain. Decades ago back when there was still war, this mountain was used to accommodate armies, hence the holes were dug as shown here in the photos.

Every corner reveals a new scenary or a hidden natural beauty to discover. Much of the plants were never seen in my time spent in Canada. It was truly an exerience.

Lastly, upon paying my respect and prayers at the temple in the mountain, it was time for dinner and wrap up for the day.

Before I go, the tour guide said there was something even more interesting to see. I was taken into a display room and what I saw immediately was hiarlous and fascinating! It was a rock that grew "hair" over the years! Trippy.

and finally, dinner is served.