Kaohsiung Visit Day 5 (Emerald Jujubes)

Another new place to start the day. This is far away from the city, hence the old looking houses and the vivid potted plants.

It is barely 9 AM, and this farmer is already back from the jujubes farm with his morning harvest and into quality checking and sorting.

The jujubes are farmed inside a netted house, much like the papaya house. However the trees are short by nature, so I had to watch my head and backpack getting to the owner of the farm to learn about the fruit and what my job for today is.

My first look at the jujube

This oval shaped, shiny green colored fruit is the emerald jujube. It is not commonly consumed nor easy to find in Canada. We receive them in Canada in the dried state which we call dates.

The jujubes are green and cute as it can be, but the branches are full of hook-like thorns. One must be fully covered with clothes when working in the field.

The size does not determine the quality of the fruit. It depends on the variety. Some jujubes are better when they are bigger, some jujubes are actually better when they are smaller.

My job today was to pick the jujubes at the right size. Easy enough :)

The owner of the jujubes farm showing us how the stem grafting had helped develop the breed he's finally happy with.. Here you also see the trees are about a grown man's height.

The jujubes were in season. Good farming skills grows jujubes at the similar sizes all at the same time!

Giant snails shows this jujubes farm is an eco friendly environment!

Lunch is pumpkin hot pot and tomato hotpot