Kaohsiung Visit Day 1

On February 11th, 2014, I had the pleasure of visiting Kaohsiung, Taiwan as backpackers. It was a near 12 hours flight from Vancouver to Taiwan, then a 3 hour high speed bullet train from the airport to the southbound Kaohsiung.

  I arrived at my first stay just in time for lunch! A traditional Hakka style hot stew was served, along numerous side dishes made with exceptional local produce.

 Free running rooster and hen were a surprise.

  The farm house I am to stay for the next 2 days is surrounded by low rise buildings like itself, as well as the calming beautiful water fields.

  The first farm to visit, where I am to work to earn our food and stay, is a tomato farm. The Chinese chirography written on the road meant “Tomatoes on the Embankment”

 My task for the day was to hand sort the pre-picked ripe tomatoes. The tomatoes slides down the machine, quality checked by eye for defects, then sorted into boxes per weight.

 The house owner’s pet dog is “Beer”.

 Dinner bowls were left in the garden for the wandering cats

 I wrapped up the day as the jet lag kicked in.

 Good night. Taiwan.