Kaohsiung Visit Day 2 (White Water Snowflake)

It has been nice to be seeing green all day.

The very next job was to work at the "White Water Snowflake". It is a one of a kind vegetable that I have never seen, heard nor tasted before. I was told it is a very limited, water-grown green vegetable, with a crisp texture that not all the restaurants can get their hands on!

Here are photos of the pond that the white water snowflakes are grown in.

The owner greeted me, already in his frog suit, ready to show me how it is done.

The ponds are almost chest deep. I am to squat where the water almost reaches my neck for me to be able to reach down to the soil and dig up the white water snowflakes from its roots using only my hands. It is highly important not to break the vegetable from its roots, hence making it very difficult and time consuming to harvest.

The white water snowflakes gets sort into bunches, cutoff the roots, comb through the bunches and remove the older yellow ones and snap off the leaves. Finally weighted and bagged for shipping.

After a long day, it was calming and relaxing to come across colorful water fields on the way back to the farm house.