Kaohsiung Visit Day 2 (Papaya)

The morning of Day 2 was relaxing. Knowing there'll be a lot more work to do today in the farm, I did my best to enjoy every minute of the calmness looking out the balcony of my stay.

Breakfast included traditional congee with chunks of yam, marinated daikon in stir fried eggs, sun dried peanuts tossed in salt, preserved winter melon and spicy radish.

...and I was on my way to work for my next stay. The rural sides of Kaosiung is a lovely and friendly place. I learned that flower seeds are spreaded on fields that has past its harvest season of the year, the colorful fields are eye catching, and the flowers becomes the natural fertilizer for the next planting season. I thought the idea was brilliant!

Arriving at the papaya facility, I was greeted and immediately handed a new pair of rubber rain boots. I have been warned the field would get messy!

En route to the papaya field!

The papayas are grown in a special netted house. It limits pests, birds and wind damage, which leads to minimum pesticdes usage!

only harvest the papayas when yellow stripes appear on the skin. (minimum 3 stripes, 5 usually)

The owner told me that the flowers both female and male are on the same tree. must remove the female flowers because they would grow ugly (split) papayas. The males are the bullet shaped flowers in the photo below:

Naturally, the papaya trees grow like any trees, diagonally from the earth. But that would create much hassel for the farmers and risk to injury having to climb up the tree for the harvest. That is why when the papaya trees were still young, their trunk is slashed in half, and pushed over so they grow horizontally.

Finally, the harvested papayas are categorized by its weight :)